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What is the goal of you service?

Our vision is to bring all the experts who are providing their services online and offline under one roof and make them more visible and available to potential clients through our directory. We aim to give these experts a place to hold their profiles and advertise their expertise. On the other hand, we aim to build a place online where anybody, using our extensive and powerful search technology which is currently being worked upon, can easily find an expert he desires. This will be a place to which people can look up to when they need expert services.

However, is simply a directory and nothing more than that. It does not support consulting features like Live Person, Keen, Bitwine or any other similar service around. As with any other directory, experts can list their own contact preferences, may it be services like Live Person, Keen, Bitwine etc. or business phone numbers or office addresses for the clients to contact.

Do you make a profit?

Our main source of income is Google AdSense.

Do you have any relationship with any of the online expert marketplaces?

No, we are not related to any of the expert marketplaces.

Will users be able to browse / find experts based on categories?

Yes, the current website you can see is just a BETA release of our system. We are only focusing on gathering experts for now. Once we have a good deal of experts in our directory we will be launching the full Directory Browsing & Search features.

Would you consider if I suggest further category break-downs?

We highly appreciate any suggestions from our users in all regards to improve our services. Please go ahead and send your suggestions. Thanks!

Can I create multiple accounts?

We highly recommend you have one single account for all your profiles. We are working to upgrade our system so that you can create multiple main category profiles and get listed in them. Please watch our blog for the announcements.

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